New Site!

After about two years with my old site, I decided it was about time I threw the whole thing out in favor of something a little more modern. The old one was more focused on my art than my web work, and I’d been wanting to migrate over to WordPress for a while now, since it’s so much easier to update. So, here it is!

The theme is a custom one, using the ultra-minimal _s (“underscores”) theme as a base. It still has a way to go before I’d like to release it as a public theme. My next goal is making it responsive to mobile devices, then I’d like to make its support for features I’m not personally using (like comments and sidebars) a bit more robust.

Speaking of mobile, I’ll be adding more content soon regarding mobile-friendly websites I’ve done, including comparison screenshots.

I should note that, while things currently look good across Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, older versions of IE should expect some problems. I’ll be fixing that soon.